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A monumental Monday

Monday the 15th of June.


As I stopped at the light before her apartment my eyes began to fill with tears and in seconds my throat was tight and I started sobbing. I cried because my dreams of having my mom move close to me were coming true. I cried because I was so proud of my mom, for breaking through her limitations and deciding to take control of her life. My mom has had perimeter agoraphobia for most of my life. This has caused her to miss my graduation, the births of my children, my marriage, and visiting me at my home. I’ve longed to go see a movie with my mom, or have her attend a birthday party for my kiddos, or just go to the river together and daydream.


In December of 2019 when my mom survived a stroke, she drastically changed her life. She quit smoking cigarettes, edited her diet to include heart healthy foods and limited foods highin salt and unhealthy fats, and she started asking herself “What if?” What if she could live the rest of her life, as the best of her life? What if she could be her healthiest self? What if she could leave her home without boundaries? And, she started chasing these dreams. We started going on adventures. She was seeing things for the first time that I have seen dozens of times and watching her see this life with her wide eyes made my heart so full of happiness! After COVID happened, I would be lying if I said I didn’t fear that the loss in momentum could halter our progress. But it didn’t. In the midst of everything, my mom applied to speak at SPARK Portland 2020 and was selected to be one of the nine speakers! She also spoke at SPARK Storytelling Night. Sharing her story is a huge part of her purpose. And, let me tell you, her story will inspire you to DREAM BIG and NEVER give up! She had also put in her notice with her apartment complex and applied to live in a new apartment, in a new city that she had never even been to!


It’s hard to really put into words how special this is for me. To envision something for so many years with very little evidence for my brain to believe in the possibility of this vision being obtainable and yet I could see it SO clearly and feel these feelings of gratitude, excitement, and love so strongly. Sitting here now, in her home, at her kitchen table, listening to my kiddos talk with their Grandma, my mom… I have tears again.


Monday was a huge day for me. Monday was a huge day for my mom. Monday was a huge day for my children. Monday was a huge day for my sister. And now, now we are focused on spending more time together, creating beautiful memories and living our best life as cliché as that is!

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