Syncquility Community

Who would you be if you had the support + encouragement + feel good energy from a powerful Sisterhood?

Have you ever wished for a group of women that you could BE yourself around and truly felt seen, heard, held by? Where you could show up and celebrate your wins, talk about your struggles, and just hang out with?

Sisterhood is so important because we aren’t supposed to do any of this alone! Because we get to have a safe space to come together in! A space without judgment or comparison or jealousy or shame.


For less than $1 per day you will have access to a supportive community of women who will HYPE you up and catch you if you fall. Each month, you’ll be invited into CONNECTION zoom, attend Masterclasses, and have our own personal hub on FB.

With everything going on in the world, community is more important than ever. Let’s link arms and walk this journey together.

Syncquility is for every (self identifying) woman who wants more connection with other women where she can be herself 100%.. It’s for those who want a place to go when they have exciting news to share – where they can go when they need some prayer warriors/energy lendings – and everything in between.

“Being a part of the Syncquility community is a magical experience because you become a part of a powerful circle of women.”

Collective Energy

Imagine being surrounded by other women who are there to SEE you, HEAR you, and hold SPACE for you! Without judgment, comparison, jealously, or alternative motives. This is the energy that is felt in & throughout Syncquility. At Syncquility it is very important to us that we are creating a safe space for all humans who identify as female to come together. We want to GROW with you, along side you! Inclusivity is part of our mission statement not just as words written but as a true staple to our core values. 


SOCIAL HOUR: Each Monday we come together and chat, celebrate, laugh, and enjoy life alongside one another!! Basically it’s a {virtual} Girl Night In!
ENTREPRENEUR CIRCLE: Think of this as a Business mastermind. We’ll focus on a specific theme to help you grow as a business owner (both personally and professionally). Topics include everything from how to use Canva to self-confidence, nurturing your growth mindset for success, manifestation, practicing sharing about your business + more! If you cannot attend the live calls, you can send your questions to us in advance to be answered. *Recordings will be in our Syncquility vault!
STORY SHARING NIGHT: This is one of our more intimate settings. A time to be open and vulnerable while sharing a part of your story.
Each month Janelle will feature hand-selected special guests to bring you even more value, as they lead a masterclass/workshop in their expertise!
Of course we have several videos + digital workbooks + more to help support you along your personal growth journey and cultivating sisterhood.
Come hang out with your sisters in our own personal hub on Facebook! All of your content will be hosted inside here and in our exclusive membership site. This makes it easy to access our community calendar, find call replays, and reach out for support! We also celebrate birthdays, of course!

You will be charged monthly for this membership, with no strings attached!. That’s right, there is NO yearly commitment, and choosing to end membership is not only easy to do by yourself (no forms to fill out) but you can do it without any hard feelings or uncomfortableness.

These are our focus areas. If you desire more personal growth and a sisterhood that will celebrate your wins, and listen when you need someone to hear you- this community is for YOU!

Don’t allow the low monthly monetary exchange to trick you into thinking this community isn’t packed full of VALUE. From the connection, to our weekly ZOOMs, to our masterclasses and MORE.. it’s definitely worth well beyond $19.99!

We understand everyone may not always be able to attend the live calls which is why *most* calls are recorded and uploaded in our Syncquility spaces online (website and Facebook). Some calls are not recorded due to subject sensitivity.

You will be able to access a calendar for each month within our membership portal. There is also a reminder posted into our private Facebook hub and you will also receive this information in your weekly email !

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this experience, as you will have immediate access to all content once purchased.

For customer service issues you may reach out to

You can cancel your membership at any time before your next payment and you will not be charged again. Once you are logged into your account you may click ‘Cancel membership’ and from there you will have access to cancel your membership. No questions asked, no hard feelings. If you run into hardship, please reach out before canceling, no judgement.

Some words that come to mind when thinking about our community, from our community members:

Support – Growth – Learning – Emotion – Insightfulness – Laughter – Energy – Inclusivity – Sisterhood – Vulnerability – Strength – Discovery – Value – Empowerment ♡