Gratitude & Forgiveness

Gratitude & Forgiveness Course
Created and led by: Janelle McMiller

In my coaching practice, I help women understand the power of Gratitude & Forgiveness and how applying both can truly heal you from the inside out and create more abundance, love, and happiness in your life!

I crafted this course with the goal in mind of being able to have more outreach, to help more women find love, happiness, and abundance in their lives through being able to embody Gratitude & shining a light on their past trauma and everyday situations that need forgiveness. Then, using the practices I provide to truly forgive so they may cultivate abundance in all areas of their lives.

Janelle and I met at a conference and I immediately felt a connection. She provided me with the support I needed when I was desperately looking for forgiveness and relief. I had been holding on to anger and resentment towards a family member my whole life and therapy wasn’t giving me the tools I needed. She took the time to hear me, see me and ask if I needed support. She mentioned compassion, gratitude and forgiveness and her sharing her own stories of forgiveness really helped me relate and find peace in my own relationship. Janelle is an embodiment of wisdom, presence and compassion! I highly recommend her as a coach, speaker and mentor.

Janelle McMiller’s course on Gratitude and Forgiveness was just the reminder I needed that I’ve always got a choice. Janelle provides incredible direction and clarity for the work to be done around these tricky but important concepts! She shares openly and honestly about navigating her journey towards both and the result is inspiring and hopeful. If you even THINK that you are ready to do some forgiveness work, then this course is a MUST!

What’s included – Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Who I am and the course overview
    In this module, you will learn about who Janelle McMiller is, what qualifies her to coach you through Gratitude & Forgiveness and the outline of this course.
  • Module 2: Gratitude
    In this module, you will learn about gratitude and how to implement gratitude into your life each day using her daily Gratitude practices.
  • Module 3: Forgiveness
    In this module, Janelle will discuss with you the power in forgiveness. Janelle will explain the different ways in which she herself was able to forgive, along with a personal story from her past.
  • Module 4: Forgiving their capacity
    In this module, Janelle helps you to understand how to navigate forgiveness, when you still want the person who hurt you to remain fully in your life.
  • Module 5: Forgiveness at the end
    In this module, Janelle shares a forgiveness practice for those who have hurt you in such a way that you no longer desire a relationship with them, in any form.
  • Module 6: Forgiveness of self
    In this module, Janelle explains the importance of SELF forgiveness.
  • Module 7: What’s next
    In this last module, Janelle explains what next steps to take! She discusses triggers and how to move forward when they come up 

Janelle McMiller
Founder/CEO Syncquility
Creator of the Gratitude & Forgiveness Course

Janelle is an Inspirational Speaker, Growth Mindset Expert, and Gratitude & Forgiveness Coach/Guide/Mentor She is known for being the “Manifesting Queen”! Janelle’s motto is Envision • Hustle • Receive. Her message: No more boxes, no more labels. Janelle’s mission in life is to meet women where they are and allow them to feel seen and inspired to create a life they are obsessed with, one celebratory step at a time!​ 

My Story

How Gratitude & Forgiveness has changed my life.

We all have scars that cover the canvas which is our body. Both figuratively and physically. My scars come from mental/emotional abuse, molestation, neglect, lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety. I have grown through a lot of trauma throughout my life. Yes, I have felt pain. But, I am not scared of pain. I graciously, and without judgement or shame, look at my pain and process my feelings in a healthy, loving way. Being a person who loves to journal, I was able to identify the tools and practices that saved my life. I feel that it is one of my life’s purposes to help other women, do the same.

In 2013, my life changed forever with one BIG choice, and many little decisions. I filed for divorce from a man I had known and been with for over half of my life, and started becoming selfish enough to find who I was and what I wanted. Along this journey I welcomed in a lot of self acceptance, self love, and grace. I found my voice. I started feeling gratitude for who I was, and for what I had. I started dreaming again and believing in the person I was. But, I still felt deep pain. I still struggled with depression and anxiety. I wanted to feel freedom from my past and be at peace for the life I had lived. Once I started forgiving, it was like I started receiving keys to a multiple lock system that was keeping me in a type of prison. It took until 2018 to truly forgive all of my trauma. It was a long journey, but, good things take time! Today, I feel immense gratitude because of the practices I follow daily. Today, I forgive easily using the tools I have learned in order to do so.

Are you ready to feel freedom, abundance, and happiness? Let’s do this together, my friend!

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