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I asked for clarity & I received abundance

When you ask for clarity, be ready to listen with your soul and see with your eyes closed.

In December of 2019 I received a message from the source energy, letting me know that in 2020 I was going to walk fully in my power. This was during an energy journey with the powerful modern medicine woman, Amber Jane Arquette. I am fully aware I may be losing some people at this point– try to stick with me 🙂 Before I received that message, as I sat in a circle with four other humans, I saw myself.. walking, alone, with undeniable confidence and a beautiful radiant presence. This scared me. This confused me. Doing things alone isn’t something I am prone to do, and I wasn’t working alone on any projects at that time. I was dedicated 10000% to someone else’s vision and mission that I felt 10000% aligned with and passionate about. For sake of curiosity, I still am!

The following months I started seeking clarity. See, I am a deep thinker and a very curious person. I needed to know more. “Show me what I need to see and help me to understand what steps I need to take” I would ask God, Universe, and Source. I started seeing things differently and trying to look from different angles so I could make sense of my feelings. Some things that you see, cannot be unseen. Some truths cannot be unheard. I was feeling into everything. When CODIV happened, there were physical things that started to change. But ,it was always the intangible information that was the most impactful to/for me.

In April, I surrendered. And what came, was an inspired idea… a vision, a feeling, a dream. I took immediate action. I wrote down everything I was feeling. I opened my coaching practice and I felt like things just made sense… as though all of my gifts were being seen. I was in my zone of genius. I had taken all of my trauma and was using that healed pain to shine a light for others to have a guided path with a cheerleader to celebrate all of their small and big wins. THIS, this is what I am meant to do. I have been asked many times about my life and how I am the person I am having gone through everything I have. My answer? Gratitude & forgiveness. OF COURSE it makes sense for me to become a Gratitude & Forgiveness Coach. To be fully of service in the most genuine and impactful way! The response from my clients was so incredibly reassuring! I knew when I started coaching that I needed an option that would help those who couldn’t obtain coaching whether it was due to finances, time, previous experiences, or they just weren’t in the head space to have to talk about what was going on with them, out loud. So, I created an e-Course on Gratitude & Forgiveness that was space paced, affordable and full of valuable content. The self pride I had couldn’t be expressed in a way that would do it justice. Here is where I am about to get really vulnerable. Stay with me! Throughout my life, there has always been an underlying sense of “not enough”. From childhood, my first marriage, previous career experiences, friendships, etc. I became used to standing in a shadow, protected. I felt like I could share just enough of my gifts, while remaining safe.. Showing up fully, without expectation of acknowledgement. Taking whatever I could get. Pushing forward with enthusiasm, ambition, and belief in what I couldn’t see. No one made me do this. It is just what I accepted. I didn’t feel like I could be enough, if it was just me. Again, this was how I felt from my young childhood until this incredible clarity started shining through for me!

When I launched my coaching, and created and released my course 100% on my OWN ( my dream, my ideas, my intent, my goals, my work, my late nights, my continued education of technology, my EVERYTHING) and it successful reached women who found extreme value in it… women who felt seen, women who felt hope, women who saw the way to freedom and abundance through gratitude and forgiveness.. That is when I learned fully, that I AM ENOUGH, so much more than enough. That is when I unlocked a new level of my potential, my self belief, my confidence, and my LOVE for being of service to other women!! My latest tap on the shoulder was to create a Mastermind to serve those women who need the coaching, the guide, the support, in tangible and intangible action to take AND the energy of women surrounding them with the same desires! I listened, I envisioned how it would look, I took action, I released it, and the women who I felt would be perfectly aligned naturally reached out to me and they became part of this magical group! I am excited to see who else becomes a part of my Mastermind. I sit in gratitude, humble and honored.

I could have settled. I could have said “this is good enough.” Truly, I could have said these things because since 2013 my life has gotten exceptionally better with each year that has passed. I have been so blessed to be a part of an extraordinary movement, one that I will stay involved with until the end because I stand behind the mission, the values, and the vision! But, I asked for clarity, and I got it! I listened, I shifted, I grew! I am not the same person I was a year ago.. I am not the same person I was a couple months ago. And, if you are feeling any of this- I just want to remind you to listen to your intuition and TRUST yourself enough to know that everything you want and need is within you!!

I have always felt like I was chasing something. Now, I feel like I can see it on the horizon, and instead of chasing, I am slowly moving towards it so that I can soak up every single moment, every single memory, every single second and feel all of the love, joy, and gratitude for what has been, what is yet to be, and what is.

Cheers my friends!

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