Syncquility Masterclasses are led by our community members and other guest facilitators. Syncquility Masterclasses are shared as ways to support, guide, and inform you on a variety of topics that anyone can benefit from!

Location: Zoom Video Conferencing
Cost for Community Members: Free
Cost for non-members: $10.00
Women Only

 Community members can check our Facebook group or calendar for event link. 

Creating your personal altar – Harley Saylor
September 12th, 2:00-3:00pm pdt

Witch in the Woods will be classes on the woowoo to build your personal altars, understanding the moon phrases and building a sacred space, animal spirits, herbs, crystals, and who knows what else is cooking in the cauldron! First class will be September 12, 2021 at 2:00 pm. This will be a class on building your own personal altar. Please bring an idea of an altar you’d like to build and any stones you might have on hand (to find out their energy). Harley Saylor will be leading this class. 

Just like our community, our masterclasses are for those who identify as female. (cis/trans) 

Each masterclass will have a different area of focus. 

Masterclasses are held on Zoom and saved in our community portal. 

Typically all masterclasses are led by our community members. We sometimes bring in outside experts! 

While some of our masterclasses are open to non-community members, we do offer some that are inclusive to just our sisterhood. For a few more dollars than the cost of a ticket, you can join our community for one month and enjoy much more!