Mastermind Opportunities

Syncquility Mastermind Hosted by Janelle McMiller

There is something magical that happens when women get together and focus their energy to create change within.

I run four masterminds a year to create an experience that guides you through healing- self discovery- understanding your magic- and creating a life you’re obsessed with!

So what do you do when you have done the healing work, found yourself, and started to create a life you love living? You KEEP going.

We aren’t supposed to just stop growing. We aren’t supposed to reach “the finish line” in life- well, until we die that is. Now that you have done ‘the work’ to get to a beautiful place in life, it is time to ENJOY the magic that you are and that you have created!

So where do we start? We start by dreaming BIGGER! By believing in our abilities. By trusting the process. By going within instead of outsourcing (looking to others to tell us what to do, how big to dream, what we are capable of). I am excited to watch you FLOURISH, my friend!

You want to stay in your current circumstance.

The nitty gritty:
We start on 10.20.21 (through 12.8.21)

Meet your facilitator

Janelle McMiller will be facilitating each mastermind. She is the founder/CEO of Syncquility and has her own Growth Mindset Coaching Practice. In 2013 Janelle completely transformed her life with one huge decision, followed by many daily practices to keep the momentum going. In 2018 She started declaring that she was creating a life she is obsessed with through mindset shifts, self acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness- and she has done just that! Janelle understands what it is like to live drenched in depression and suffocated by anxiety … and, what it is like to feel true happiness and positive abundance in every area of her life. Growing through trauma has helped her to gain empathy, compassion, and deep understanding that allows her to truly connect with other women, no matter where they are at in life. In 2019 Janelle retired from the corporate world and became a full time solopreneur. During 2020, yes during the pandemic, Janelle created Syncquility. Janelle has come this far by doing things her HER way… often doing things outside of the norm. No boxes and no labels (unless she chooses)! During your time together she will share all of her tips, tricks, mindset practices, and lessons with you!

Before the Gratitude and Forgiveness Mastermind, I wasn’t sure that I could ever let go of the pain and anger I held so tightly to. I wasn’t sure I was ready to forgive people who had really caused me so much angst and trauma, or face the resentment and judgement I put on myself. Janelle provided the safest most secure place for me to share and process. A place where my vulnerability was not judged or ridiculed, but with love, understanding and compassion. She guided me and 6 other wonderful, strong women through a process that has forever changed my life. I no longer hold hate in my heart, but instead so much gratitude for what was, what is and what will come. Forgiving people for the pain they caused me has lifted the world from my shoulders. Forgiving myself has boosted my confidence and given me a strength I never knew I had inside of me. I never thought I could get here, I wanted to give up so many times. Janelle never let any of us give up and she helped me to unlock a powerful, strong, worthy woman inside of myself, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Janelle’s Mastermind is an incredible experience of both coaching and connection! Janelle creates a space that is non-judgmental and encourages personal growth in ways that directly impact the individuals. The sisterhood present during the mastermind supported me in a way that I didn’t know was possible. I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent and the growth I accomplished during these 8 weeks. 

Great! Janelle is too! That is why it is important for us to keep our Masterminds small in quantity so that they will be safe, intimate, and feel like a protected space to open up and share inside of. 

While we encourage everyone to make every meeting, we understand that life happens. Each Mastermind session will be recorded and every member will have access to the recording. 

Outside of an emergency situation, we will not be issuing refunds. We are always open to talk out any arising issues and find a solution that works for everyone! 

Are you ready to start living outside of the lines that were created by other people’s expectations?Are you ready to stop feeling obligated to do it ‘their’ way? Are you ready to live life YOUR way? Let’s do this, my friend!! PS: Yes you deserve to INVEST into yourself!!