Janelle McMiller - Founder/CEO

My mission in life is to meet women where they are and allow them to feel seen and inspired to create a life they are obsessed with!

Welcome to my page ♥ Whatever landed you on my page, I am grateful for it. Also, I believe everything happens for a reason! Please allow me to introduce (or reintroduce) myself to you. My name is Janelle. I’m a dreamer, optimistic realist, inspirational speaker and Growth Mindset guide that focuses on Gratitude & Forgiveness. I am a believer in the power of our thoughts & the universe. I will always wish on the first star I see in the night sky & feel the magic of seeing a rainbow. I wake up with the “soul” purpose of being the happiest person I can be and spreading that joy to all of those who are around me ♥

My motto: Envision • Hustle • Receive
Envision ∙ Design a mental image of what you want your life to look like. Feel the feelings of having all that you want, as if it is already in your life! Think positive, intentional, purpose filled thoughts to keep your mindset healthy and in a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset

Hustle ∙ Create goals around what you desire to achieve and take {inspired, intuitive} action consistently and fiercely!

Receive ∙ Watch your dreams become your reality! Truly believe that everything you envision can & will come to fruition! Receive with gratitude ♥

My message: No more boxes, no more labels
No more boxes, no more labels ∙ Simply put, it is time to get outside of the boxes you have been placed in by your limiting thoughts, and negative influences. Throughout our life, we are labeled by others and ourselves… ie: teen mom, plus size, shy, superstar, outgoing. These labels aren’t always placed on us to limit who we are, however, often times they do and unfortunately they can keep up stuck. In 2013 I decided I was going to make a HUGE pivot in my life which meant radical change & radical self love. I got out of my boxes and slowly but surely I ripped off every single label that was placed on me! I encourage you to look at where you are being held inside a box, and allowing the labels that others have placed on you, or you placed on yourself to define you? If they aren’t serving you, tear them up ♥

My goal: Continue to create a life I am obsessed with
Create a life you’re obsessed with ∙ After realizing that I was completely obsessed with my children and my husband (in a very healthy way) but not so much myself or my life in its entirety, I decided I wanted to be! I didn’t want to settle for anything less! This was in 2018 and everyday since I have decided to make decisions that would create a life I was obsessed with. I can tell you, I am completely obsessed with my life today ♥