I help you heal your past, see/own your magic & manifest your dreams!

Janelle helps women understand the power of gratitude & forgiveness and how applying both can truly heal you from the inside out and create more abundance, love, and happiness in your life! She uses proven practices to help you decide who & what you want to be in this lifetime and then BEcome that person. Janelle is like a cheerleader who will show you enough tough love so that you can move past your fears, doubts, and insecurities and create a life you are obsessed with!

Janelle isn’t your traditional life coach. She uses techniques that can be outside of the box and she doesn’t have a cookie cutter method. Janelle understands that we are all our own individual humans with our own backgrounds and our own dreams! Are you ready to start living life YOUR way? Book a discovery call to see if Janelle’s energy matches with yours so you can get started on this journey!

Monetary investment:

Let’s talk first during my 30 minute FREE session

My motto: Envision • Hustle • Receive
Envision ∙ Design a mental image of what you want your life to look like. Feel the feelings of having all that you want, as if it is already in your life! Think positive, intentional, purpose filled thoughts to keep your mindset healthy and in a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset

Hustle ∙ Create goals around what you desire to achieve and take {inspired, intuitive} action consistently and fiercely!

Receive ∙ Watch your dreams become your reality! Truly believe that everything you envision can & will come to fruition! Receive with gratitude ♥

My message: No more boxes, no more labels
No more boxes, no more labels ∙ Simply put, it is time to get outside of the boxes you have been placed in by your limiting thoughts, and negative influences. Throughout our life, we are labeled by others and ourselves… e.g.: teen mom, plus size, shy, superstar, outgoing. These labels aren’t always placed on us to limit who we are, however, often times they do and unfortunately they can keep us stuck. In 2013 I decided I was going to make a HUGE pivot in my life which meant radical change & radical self love. I got out of my boxes and slowly but surely I ripped off every single label that was placed on me! I encourage you to look at where you are being held inside a box, and allowing the labels that others have placed on you, or you placed on yourself to define you? If they aren’t serving you, tear them up ♥

My goal: Continue to create a life I am obsessed with
Create a life you’re obsessed with ∙ After realizing that I was completely obsessed with my children and my husband (in a very healthy way) but not so much myself or my life in its entirety, I decided I wanted to be! I didn’t want to settle for anything less! I became so intentional with my thoughts, my words, and my actions. I can tell you, I am completely obsessed with my life today ♥

Meet your mentor

In 2013 Janelle completely transformed her life with one huge decision, followed by many little choices to support the new life she dreamt of. She started creating a life she is obsessed with through mindset shifts, self acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness! Janelle understands what it is like to live drenched in depression and suffocated by anxiety … and, what it is like to feel true happiness and positive abundance in every area of her life. Growing through trauma has helped her to gain empathy, compassion, and deep understanding that allows her to truly connect with other women, no matter where they are at in life. In 2019 Janelle retired from the corporate world and became a full time solopreneur. During 2020, yes during the pandemic, Janelle created her company, Syncquility. Janelle has come this far by doing things HER way… often doing things outside of the norm. No boxes and no labels (unless she chooses)! During your time together she will share all of her tips, tricks, mindset practices, and lessons with you!

Are you ready to start living outside of the lines that were created by other people’s expectations?Are you ready to stop feeling obligated to do it ‘their’ way? Are you ready to live life YOUR way? Let’s do this, my friend!! PS: Yes you deserve to INVEST into yourself!!

Before we start, I want to share with you my personal disclaimer. Please read thoroughly. I am NOT a doctor or a psychologist. I am not a counselor nor a certified coach. What I am is a human who is an expert at living my life, and I am here to share with you my experiences, my knowledge and my support. I cannot guarantee any results, as results will vary depending on each individual.