Janelle is a business and mindset mentor. Helping women recreate how they see themselves is her specialty!

“Janelle and I met at a conference and I immediately felt a connection. She provided me with the support I needed when I was desperately looking for forgiveness and relief. I had been holding on to anger and resentment towards a family member my whole life and therapy wasn’t giving me the tools I needed. She took the time to hear me, see me and ask if I needed support. She mentioned compassion, gratitude and forgiveness and her sharing her own stories of forgiveness really helped me relate and find peace in my own relationship. Janelle is an embodiment of wisdom, presence and compassion! I highly recommend her as a coach, speaker and mentor”

– Leslie A. business owner


  • Business mentoring

    Business mentoring: Janelle will help you to see your vision with clarity, belief and excitement! Discovering/sharing your brand, strategic planning and becoming visible all while receiving the celebration you deserve is what you’ll get when working with Janelle. If you are ready to break the rules by thinking creatively, set your own standards, and hustle while having fun, Janelle is the one you want to spend your time with!

  • Mindset mentoring

    Mindset mentoring: Janelle helps women understand the power of gratitude & forgiveness and how applying both can truly heal you from the inside out and create more abundance, love, and happiness in their life! She uses proven practices to help you decide who & what you want to be in this lifetime. Janelle is like a cheerleader who will show you enough tough love so that you can move past your fears, doubts, and insecurities and create a life you are obsessed with!

  • Monetary commitment

    Monetary commitment: $127/hr or 4 sessions for $450

Disclaimer: Before we start, I want to share with you my personal disclaimer. Please read thoroughly. I am NOT a doctor or psychologist. I am not a counselor or certified coach. What I am is a human who is an expert at living my life, and I am  here to share with you my experiences, knowledge and support. I cannot guarantee results, as results will vary depending on each individual. All of my services and content are under the umbrella of Syncquility LLC.

HOW TO WORK WITH JANELLE: Schedule your 15 minute complimentary consultation (held on Zoom) by filling out the form below. Someone from Janelle’s team will be in touch with you shortly.

“I met Janelle in 2018 when we were in the same Mastermind. What was so becoming to me was how raw and real Janelle was, sprinkled with this underlying confidence and all -knowing at the same time. Janelle not only has life experiences which gives her a deep knowledge and understanding of real life challenges, traumas and everyday struggles, she also is a queen of understanding and being compassionate about helping others who are on their own journey. Currently I am embarking on one on one sessions with Janelle in her Gratitude and Forgiveness program. Although I thought to myself “I am already grateful, and oh yeah, I have forgiven everyone”, with her approach and systematic platform, I have discovered how much gratitude has helped me through this current difficult time in life. I have been more self-aware than ever before. I am learning how to forgive myself first and foremost in order to move on to a better, more confident me! I so appreciate Janelle’s ability to listen, absorb my words and have a clear, well thought out plan for my next steps. I appreciate how she values my time and brings in her guidance in a gentle caring way. I always feel empowered after our sessions and highly recommend any program which Janelle is leading or contributing to. I am so excited for her mastermind!” –
Lisa J.
business and mindset mentorship client