Retreat - September 16-19, 2021

Who is this Retreat for?

Feeling the need for some deep connection with your sisters? Are you needing some moments to rejuvenate and find self love? 


Well then, get ready to receive all of that while enjoying the serenity of the woods and nature! We will be nestled in a large beautiful home with an open space and trees galore. 

What you can look forward to:

Food, Connection, Joy

We will be enjoying delicious meals that both nurture our bodies and make our hearts happy! What’s better than cooking a meal together over laughter and then devouring it with gratitude? 

Laugh, Play, Sing

Games, laughter, star-gazing, singing to our favorite songs, and just BEING…. oh yes, this is going to be a GREAT time!!

Space to journal

Of course there will be journaling! Because you will want to remember this experience forever 😉 You will have many places to choose from while journaling! On the porch while taking in the nature views, inside your room while looking out at the forest, at the kitchen table, or in another spot in this gorgeous home! 

Relaxation & Movement

There will be lots of activities to stimulate your growth and allow for deep expansion, and, there will be time to just be still. We will have fun while moving our bodies & quieting ourselves in a focused state… these are all good for the soul, body and mental fortitude ♡ PS: you don’t even have to do what anyone else is doing- this is YOUR weekend and that means you can do whatever feels good for YOU!! 

Meet your facilitator

Janelle McMiller will be your hostess for this delightful retreat weekend! In 2013 Janelle was able to completely transform her life with one huge decision, followed by many daily practices and consistencies. It was through that process that she learned the importance of being selfish and protecting your energy! In 2018 Janelle started declaring that she was creating a life she is obsessed with and to this day she feels she definitely has. A big reason- she fell in love with who she is! Janelle also understands the power in; play, sisterhood, and investing into the quality of your life!

Meet your guest activity facilitator

Jennifer Dadigan is a coach for deeper body love; after a career in the fitness industry for over 20 years, she has found she feels most purposeful when she can connect with others through mindset work.  Jennifer is certified in EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT is a modality incorporating both Eastern medicine/acupressure and Western psychology that has been scientifically proven to help people move through a variety of issues they may be experiencing both physical and emotional. She is really excited to bring this healing modality to all of you!

What about COVID?

At this time with the state being opened up, we will trust that you are showing up in good health. You are always free to wear a mask anytime… it is about you feeling safe. We will be keeping up with any state health changes that may arise, but at this time, we encourage you to do your best at maintaining a strong immune system.

What if I don’t want to participate in an activity? 

Repeat after me “No.” Yup, it’s that simple. If you would rather take a solo walk, or relaxing shower, or a much desired nap – DO IT! That’s a part of being selfish enough to take care of yourself! 

Are there refunds? 

Outside of an emergency situation, we will not be issuing refunds. We are always open to talk out any arising issues and find a solution that works for everyone!