Our Mission Statement

At Syncquility, we are focused on creating a safe, open space for all humans who identify as female. We welcome all races, religions, backgrounds, and sexual orientation to come together for true, meaningful connection. Our mission is to share our experiences & knowledge, to help guide and support you throughout your own personal growth journey, so you can listen to your inner voice and rise up as the magnificent human beings that you are! At Syncquility we promise to show up with integrity and work diligently to create an environment for all women to feel included, seen, heard, held and appreciated.

Our foundation, and everything that we do, is focused on Personal Growth & Sisterhood

Personal Growth

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself “What do I want?” When was the last time you took a moment to be still, to play, to connect? When was the last time you sat and thought about what you wanted your future to look like? Personal growth means: getting to know who you are, practicing self love, unraveling your old belief systems and deciding how you want to feel and what you want to believe in. Personal growth is owning your individuality. Personal growth is having patience with yourself! Personal growth is something we work on consistently. You’ve got this, and we are here to help guide and encourage you on your journey!


We can do all of the things, but that doesn’t mean that we have to, and we definitely do not have to do it alone! There is such a beautiful energy that is created between women who can share a space that is free of judgment, comparison, shame, and competition. Our community is built on this energy. It is a space where women come in exactly as they are and grow together. We are all on our own unique path and there is room for ALL OF US! Syncquility does not discriminate. We recognize our differences and find beauty in those differences. The space that has been created is a space for vulnerability, celebration, and deep connection.


“For far too long we lived in a world where sharing what or how we were feeling, getting emotional or showing vulnerability was a sign of weakness…times have changed. I see SO much more willingness to connect, especially during this pandemic. But there is still those who feel lost, disconnected, lonely and just crave a place to be heard without the fear of backlash or judgement, there are still those who despite the asking and the begging for support from family or friends, still feel they are coming up short, they still don’t feel seen or heard.

During this past year so many of us have felt we are living in our pain, bathing in our anxiety, cradling our depression, unable to see our therapists or have medications filled, some living alone without human connection or physical touch. We’ve been forced to sit in our thoughts whether they be good or entirely dark.

So where am I going with this? Syncquility. You’ve probably never heard of it or even seen the word. Syncquility is a sisterhood created by the incredible Janelle McMiller. It is a SAFE space for anyone who identifies as female, to come and be lifted in love no matter your age, race, sex, gender, religion etc. I love being apart of this sisterhood, what I didn’t know was how beneficial it would be for my mental health, my sanity and my entire life. The purpose of this is just to let you know that each and every one of you deserves to be happy. Each one of you deserves to find community and love and support. And if you happen to identify as female, Syncquility would love to welcome you with open arms. Please check it out. This is a sisterhood unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I would be crazy not to share it with those who need it most. Sending love and light to all.”
Bonnie Yung 💜


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